Sunday, March 23, 2014

Freezer Cooking pt. 2

In the previous post I reported how I cook 3 pounds of ground turkey to make freezer meals.  Today's post is similar, only I used 5 pounds of chicken breasts.  I usually buy either the 3 pound bag or the 5 pound bag of frozen boneless chicken breasts.  My crock pot is a 6 quart one and the breasts from the 5 pound bag just barely fit when still frozen.  After thawing, they sink down into the crock pot and fit with no trouble.  This time I seasoned my chicken with a taco seasoning.  You can use packets or make your own (check pinterest).  I use two packets or equivalent homemade seasoning mix.

You could do the same procedure using other seasonings, of course.  I like to cook my chicken from frozen for about 5 hours.  Some people don't like to cook chicken from frozen and prefer to let it thaw first.  I haven't had a problem with the way that I do it, but you will need to  make your own decision.

Here are the recipes that I used:

Again, disposable aluminum pans are da bomb!  Sometimes I can find pans that come with cardboardish lids, but a lot of the time if they come with lids, the lids are plastic.  In those cases, I use regular aluminum foil.  Tip:  Write directions for thawing/cooking on the aluminum sheet BEFORE you put it over the pan.  

All of my freezer cooking should help a lot now that soccer season has started.  I figure the whole family will be able to eat together on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays.  The other days we will either have leftovers or something quick and easy.  We also eat a lot of sandwiches!

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