Sunday, March 23, 2014

A New Floor!

We are at the end of our spring break.  We start back to school tomorrow.  Unlike many of our friends, we stayed home.  We completed a major redo of the family room..or rather Mark did.  I am always amazed at how he can tackle big projects with little to none previous experience.  He decided that hiring someone to do our floor would be out of our price range, so he decided to do it himself.  Mark had helped install one other floor, but that was with two other men.  This time he would be on his own, since I know nothing about installing floors.

Previously, the room had Berber carpet.  It was 15+ years old, stained, and dirty.  It had started to come up around the edges.  Time for it to go!  

We gave our old couch, and two chairs to my dad.  

The white rectangle in front of the fireplace is the door to the cabinet on the left.  Mark took off the door when he was trying to decide if the carpet went underneath the cabinet (it did) and whether he should cut it off or take the the entire cabinet out.  He opted to cut off the carpet underneath the cabinet.

Don't cha love it!  It's so pretty and shiny that it makes our other floor look old.  We have new furniture now.  Maybe I will add a picture of that at a later date.

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