Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kangaroos at the Zoo!

We are on Fall Break!  Yay!  Many of our friends are going to the beach or Disney World or somewhere else out of town.  We are enjoying a stay-cation at home.  Whew!  No packing to do and I don't have to worry about the 'ole Explorer breaking down on the highway.

The new kangaroo exhibit opened at the zoo about a month ago.  It is a walkabout, which means that guests can walk on a path through the exhibit and pet the kangaroos if one happens to come onto the path.  We were lucky enough to find that one little girl kangaroo had found a sunny spot on the path and seemed to content to let visitors pet her.  She was so soft!

I'm not sure what we will get into today.  The kids want to get the fall decorations out, so I suppose that we will.  Mark is at the dentist now, but this afternoon he wants to go play frisbee golf (which none of us have ever done).  The weather promises to be beautiful this week!  Happy Fall!

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